Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trown Town...

... Trent Brown is a bloke you probably wouldn't have heard too much of, I sometimes think that he likes it that way. A chilled, quiet and humble bloke who seems to pop his head out from the woodwork whenever the waves are pumping. In fact I had unknowingly shot some sick images of a "mystery" rider charging Mitchells Wedge early in 2009 only to realise months later that they were of Trent.
Fast forward nearly 2 years I have hung on to this first shot for over 12 months hoping that one of the mags would snavel it up and find a use for it, but to no avail! So here it is in all its glory, one of my favourite shots of 2010... Trent Brown, mid flight inside a Box.
Here's hoping we can hook up and shoot a few more like it in 2012!

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