Sunday, December 4, 2011

DSA, Fremantle WA | December 2011...

... the minute summer rears its head and blesses us with warm summer rays and bikini clad beaches, you hear the excitement in peoples voices as they talk about working on their tans, long afternoon drinking sessions, boozy christmas parties, endless public holidays and their latest swimwear purchase!
But you know what gets me pumped about Summer? It's this, the DSA! The simple act of lending a helping hand to those would normally find it difficult to access the ocean.
I can't explain in words to you the joy that is gained from seeing the laughter on the face of a boy as he stares in amazement at the refreshing waters runnig through his toes and finger tips on a 36 degree day, or the tear running down the check of a woman who hasn't been in the ocean for over 2 years because it's simply too hard to do it on her own! And I sure as hell can't explain the purely grounding experience taken from the simple gesture of an 8 year old girl kissing you on the cheek and thanking you as you carry her from the cool saltwater across the scorching sand and back to her wheelchair.
No...You just have to make the effort experience it for yourself, I promise you it's unforgettable!
The next DSA Events are...
DUNSBOROUGH, WA - Saturday 10th December 2011 (Bunker Bay - 9am)
FREMANTLE, WA - Saturday 7th January 2011 (Leighton Beach - 9am)

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