Saturday, November 26, 2011

Chasing Chaddy...

... I'm gonna say it, straight up, Chad Jackson is Underrated. He's a rare breed, confident yet quiet, rugged yet polished, relaxed yet swamped. I understand that it's probably a bit brash of me to label a bloke who has had the last 2 covers of International Bodyboard Magazines as underrated, but I stand by my judgement.
I have as much respect for Chad as I do for my other favourite subjects Hughesy & Rawlins. All 3 are ridiculously hard workers who have helped progress the sport to the next level. But Chad has done so with less limelight than the other two. I could go on for days about what makes Chad an elite sportsman, but it's his efforts to do his best at everything he attempts that makes him a leader.
Granted I don't spend as much time with other bodyboarders around the globe as I do with the WA boys but you can't deny that Chad's a small wave demolisher, big wave slayer, swell chaser, cover king, business entrepreneur, smiling assassin, all round sportsman and just a down to earth fucking good bloke.
Here's a sequence I took of Wisey & C-Mac, Chad just happened to be in the background!

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  1. Totally agree with what you have said here Mike. Chad's a rounded rider who can punish the big stuff and is able to extract what he can from lesser waves, in style. Bodyboarding owes him, that's a fact.