Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Light and Texture...

... so the last 3 days in Perth have been dead set pumping, well, on a Perth scale they've been 9/10! So rather than chase people down to shoot with, I decided a bit of Urban Solitude was on the cards. So each morning and each evening i've made my way to my favourite spot in the metro area and did what I've never really done... Shot what I wanted to shoot on my own terms.
The results for me were so satisfying that it's made me completely re-think the way I approach my photography! Now, I can't show you the best of the last few days, but what I can give you is a little sneak peak at what my brain was thinking and my eyes have seen the last few days. 
I hope you enjoy the entree, I plan to serve the main course in good time!


  1. insane shots mike,
    loving your work!!!