Monday, June 11, 2012

Chasing the Uncatchable...

A North Swell in WA, to me, is as greater myth as The Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot or a Big Mac that is served looking like the one pictured on the menu. Sure there's photographic proof that they may indeed exist, but until you see one with you're own eyes, there will always be an element of doubt cemented in your mind!
I missed Cyclone Bianca, I missed Cyclone Iggy, infact I've missed every swell that Taj oddly seems to be home for, but today, I was gifted a brief glimpse of how a swell from the north really does effect our metro coast. 
It is Phenomenal! It's as if our pathetic yet beautiful dead straight beaches were designed millions of years ago purely for the use of such a swell!
Now as I mentioned, I only got a very brief glimpse, in fact it was only about an hour before the wind totally destroyed it, but what I saw has given me hope and belief that a north swell in Perth (if teamed with light offshore winds) may possibly be the best kept secret in the surfing world! 
I'll let you ponder that thought and check out the below!

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