Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Movement 36 | Grand Flavour | Chad Jackson...

The team at Grand Flavour recently approached me to shoot an ad for the latest Issue of Movement with  team rider Chad Jackson. We had limited time to shoot the ad, in fact only a matter of hours as the deadline for the magazine was the following day. 
Chad and I had already nailed an epic invert shot (as below) from a few weeks prior, so all we had to do was shoot the portrait. Easier said than done, especially when you have to shoot a Winter campaign when the temperature is still 30 degrees plus.
The GF creative team had an idea of what they wanted, Chad and I just needed to make it happen. So we put our heads together, grabbed a hose, a portable dual flash set-up, a worthy assistant and a bit of trial and error and came up with the goods!
I was really happy with how the shot came out, especially with the pressure we were under. the lens flair that you see on the portrait was completely natural and I think it adds a little something to the image.
If you want to grab yourself the Grand Flavour "Reef Double Hood", as modelled by Chaddy, click here for a retailer closest to you! 

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