Monday, April 4, 2011

Jakey Stoner...

... is on a roll! In fact he could have the midas touch. The kid has been ripping of late. A couple of weeks back, he comes in from a surf and says "Maxi, did you get any shots that are ad worthy? VS are chasing one!" I looked at him and replied "not really, but we could go get one?" With his usual enthusiasm he agrees and we hit the water to see if we can squeeze anything out of the dropping swell and suss wind.
Within 5 minutes of swimming, we lined up on the cleanest pit of the day and had shot a double page ad for his board sponsor.
Since then he's announced the release of his new vid Blow Up and he's taken out the first comp of the Aussie Tour!
I'm not a betting man, but he's paying $15 to win the Box Comp. Given his form, and his double roll ability, he's the perfect smokey for the event!

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