Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Blog...

... I hear you say! Well I've certainly neglected posting anything in recent weeks, simply because I've had nothing to post, the waves have been terrible and I've had no desire to shoot for the last month! So, what I have decided to do, is comb through the best of the unused photos from 2010 and give you a little insight into why these didn't make the grade, and in the process I hope to inspire myself to get out from behind this desk and get behind the lens!

A lot of photogrpahers will tell you "lighting is everything" when it comes to composing an amazing image! Well in this case, it couldn't be truer! If this day was bright and sunny, one of these images would definately have graced the cover of any bodyboarding magazine in the world. Instead, thick cloud and fading daylight have meant that my camera couldn't even pull focus let alone serve me up one of the finest images I have ever taken!
This was Chad Jackson, one late afternoon out at "The Right". Having only swum out here a handful of times, and with massive lumps rising and falling with the incoming swell, it was very difficult to position myself where I could capture the best part of the barrel without putting myself in harms way. This wave at this size is the most intimidating ocean I have ever swum in. My positioning on this wave was perfect, but unfortunately the images didn't come up as sharp as they needed to be!
As they say, you win some, you loose some... man I really wish I had have won this time! Sorry Chad!

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