Monday, April 19, 2010

UGLI 001...

It has just dawned on me how many cool photos I have, that never see the light of day. Shots that I love, that for some reason or another don't get to grace the pages of the magazines, the web or any other form of media release. In fact, some of these shots have been emailed so many times, to so many editors that I'm starting to think that they are Unloved, Grotesque, Leftover Images (UGLI). So, from here on in, I aim to prove that beauty is more than just a first glance by sharing with you some beautiful, yet apparently "ugli" imagery.
Instalment 1, has often puzzled me as to why I can't get a magazine to run this shot of Chad Jackson pulling into one of the heaviest closeouts of last year's Wedge season.

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